Flexible pricing.

Unique personal workout programme.

Cost-effective and time-effective.
A choice of membership rates.

Once you’ve tried it - you won’t look back! By becoming a Bodystreet member, you get everything you need to chart your progress and get the most from every single workout session.

That includes:

  • A full set of body stats when you start
  • Quarterly progress reports
  • Personalised training programme, tailored to your goals
  • Weekly guidance from an expert personal trainer
  • Freshly laundered training suit and towel
  • Glucose tablet
  • Water or coffee

Trial session from just £17.99

Pay-as-you-go from £39.99 a week

6 month membership from £29.99 a week

12 month membership from £24.99 a week

What is EMS training?

All answers in our FAQ's!